A Nova!

You have discovered a nova! This nova is named N1 (Ferrarese et al., 1996). On Part I, Section C of your lab sheet, record N1 in grid section 46 (don't worry about coordinates). A nova occurs when a white dwarf in a binary system acquires enough mass from its (normal) companion to temporarily burn hydrogen in an explosive reaction on its surface. A shell of material is ejected which can increase the brightness of the stellar remnant by a factor of 60,000 in a day or two. Nova means "new star," and is so named because of the sudden appearance of a bright star-like object where previously none was seen. The nova fades back to its original dim state in a few months as the emitted shell of material expands, thins and cools. When you're done here, return to the main Grid Section 46 page to look for the Cepheid, or return to the main WF4 8x8 grid.