<h1>KAPT Physics Teacher Workshops</h1>

Professional Development Workshop for teachers of science and mathematics

Fall 2012 Workshop -- 1:00 to 5:00 EDT, Saturday, October 20

Math Machines

held at Eastern Kentucky University

Math Machines is a half-day hands-on workshop presenting the software and hardware tools developed to empower students to create, test, compare, and modify free-form mathematical functions that control motion, rather than simply describing it. Participants will receive a free Vernier SensorDAQ interface and Function Plane, an alegbraiclaly controlled laster pointer controlled by entering algebraic function into the provided control software. Presented by Math Machines founders Fred Thomas and Bob Chaney (Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio).

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The workshops will present ready-to-implement, student-centered activities that encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and to formulate and ask their own questions. Students develop problem solving techniques and critical thinking skills as they complete activities designed to help them master the material.

Support for participants

1. FREE Professional development experience providing practice with student-centered, inquiry-based science learning classroom activities, with attendance limited to 20 participants.
2. FREE Vernier SensorDAQ interface, Function Plane device and software to control laser pointer, and the opportunity to request additional kits.
3. Curriculum materials and Teacher Guide to support the workshop training and readily enable implementation in your classroom.
4. Continuing support from other members of the American Association of Physics Teachers, both nationally and in Kentucky.

Registration Requirements

Register early. Acceptance is first come-first served, with a limit of 20 participants.
Must be currently teaching grades 9-12 physics or physical science.

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