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Current Director:
Dr. Michael Carini

Observatory Technician: Whitney Wills Richardson


Founding Director: Dr. Richard Hackney


Dr. David Barnaby, Former Observatory Education Scientist
Dr. Barnaby is currently working for an Aeronautical Firm in Albuquerque, NM

Current Student Telescope Operators

Kyle Cook

Past Student Telescope Operators

Dr. David Barnaby, Dr. Michael Carini and April Pease 
April is still currently attending WKU.

Jeremy Maune
Jeremy is currently a grad student at Georgia State University.

Dr. David Barnaby, Kevin Littich, and Dr. Michael Carini

Shelly Smith and Michael Holcomb
Shelly is currently working for Boeing and NASA at Cape Canaveral, FL.

Dr. Michael Carini, Dr. David Barnaby and Richard Walters
Richard is currently working at
Palomar Observatory.

Charles Poteet and Dr. David Barnaby
Charles is currently a grad student The University of Toledo

Dr. David Barnaby, Allen Glass and Dr. Michael Carini

Ashley Atkerson Murphy and Dr. David Barnaby
Ashley is currently the Vice Principal at
Old Union School in Bowling Green, KY

Dr. Michael Carini, TalaWanda Monroe and Dr. David Barnaby
Tala is currently finishing up her Ph.D. at University of Indiana, Bloomington

Dr. Michael Carini, Wes Ryle and Dr. David Barnaby
Wes has completed his Ph.D. and is currently the Director of the
Thomas More Observatory outside of Cincinnati, OH

Dr. David Barnaby, Whitney Wills Richardson, and Dr. Michael Carini
Whitney is currently an Observatory Technician at Bell Observatory.